Stephanie Kunze Endorsed by Franklin County Republican Party

COLUMBUS – Stephanie Kunze today released the following statement on her endorsement by the Franklin County Republican Party:

“There’s no group of people who know me better than my friends and neighbors in Franklin County, and I’m grateful for their trust and endorsement. They know I’m a strong conservative who is willing to stand up for what’s right, but that I also have compassion for those who are suffering from addiction or abuse. They know the kind of leader that I will be in DC. It’s what our Party, the 15th District, and our country needs right now.”

“Sadly, we have become even more divided since the last election. Instead of working to bring us together, President Biden and Nancy Pelosi are making things worse by advancing an extreme progressive agenda that threatens to erode our freedoms. Now is not the time to waver from our core Republican values, but we aren’t going to solve the serious problems facing our friends, neighbors, and families here at home by simply retreating to our corners and fighting in front of the cameras or on social media. I’m going to Washington to work, to be a voice of reason, and to lead. That’s how I’ve always done things, and it’s what the people of the 15th district deserve and expect.”


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